Welcome! Hi! I'm Lindsey. I started Relic Events in 2022 after working in event production for 10 years. I absolutely love the hustle & bustle of putting on a large gathering! But...I'm also very sentimental, so eventually I found myself focusing on weddings and small parties. I have a tender heart and take great care when someone trusts me to handle their celebration; it's of utmost importance that my clients feel like they can just totally relax and enjoy!

I split my time between the magical towns of Santa Cruz & Nevada City and aim to offer the best local recommendations. Right now, I focus on day-of (it's more like month-of) coordination and partial planning services for weddings, rehearsal dinners, brunchs, or elopements. Please read more below to go in-depth about my experience, approach & wonderful team.


An Overview

I'm here for all the moments, big or small

Relic's approach

I learned to be a warm and welcoming hostess from my mom. As a girl, I loved watching her clean the house, prepare delicious food, and set just the right ambiance for our guests. It took quite a while for me to realize I could actually make a career with those talents.

Like any good event planner, I got my professional start bussing dirty dishes and taking food orders in the hospitality industry. It's not glamorous by any means, but when you love to serve people and create memorable experiences it's actually quite fun! 

At 23, I began years in mentorship under a talented, strong woman that created street festivals and creative conferences. The logistical challenge of organizing experiences for 1000 guests is wild! 

Eventually, I narrowed my focus onto weddings and worked as a venue coordinator for Roaring Camp Railroads & Chaminade Resort. At the point of writing this, I successfully helped to put on over 200 weddings. My experience with events of all sizes, working for venues, and then coordinating for personal clients gives me a unique set of tools for understanding, creating & collaborating on your dream wedding.

Relic's experience

I am repeatedly told amongst the chaos of an event that I seem "so chill." It's partially my personality, but also my spiritual philosophy. It's very important to me to remain grounded and kind in whatever crazy experience life throws at me. (Except for when I'm stuck in a phone tree, arguing with a robot voice, trying to reach a human customer service agent.)

My goal is to make our work together fun and easy. I want my couples to feel taken care of. I also want the venue and other vendors that I work with to feel they can rely on me and also enjoy themselves!

I work with hetero couples, LGBTQ+ couples and people of all religious backgrounds. Love is Love. No matter your orientation, gender, or beliefs I enjoy supporting my clients in their exploration of what a traditional, or non-traditional celebration looks like. 

Weddings should reflect the unique desires of each partner and be a great time for everyone involved - otherwise why bother!?

Relic's sustainability

Ask anyone who works in the service industry about waste and you will no doubt get a sad earful. It is truly tragic to see the amount of waste created by one single wedding. I've seen so much good food thrown away & single-use items go to the trash after barely being used. I'm continually working to support my couples in making sustainable choices for their event. We're not perfect yet, but we're getting better. 

Some awesome examples of how we reuse & reduce is by donating floral arrangements to retirement homes after the wedding day (it makes the residents SO happy!) and by giving leftover, loose greenery & florals to local farm animals for snacks (it makes the goats SO happy). 

Wow, I am so blessed to work with people that I love, After being in events & hospitality for over a decade, I curated a roster of amazing individuals that are not only creative, organized & professional, but fun and very cute too!

Some of my packages include an assistant, but the amount of help I hire is on a case by case basis. My goal is to give a wedding adequate support, but also to save my clients monies. If I can easily coordinate an event on my own (in the time allotted for setup & cleanup) then I happily pass the savings on!

Relic's Team